Multiple Teams · 2020-21 MSHSAA Guidelines on Remote Learning

As many of you have heard we will be starting the school year in a virtual model.  This obviously has a major impact on Athletics and Activities.

IF on campus classes are not held, sports and activities are cancelled until they resume.

Simply stated “No Building, No Fields”.  Since we will start the year virtual we will not be able to practice, but are hopeful to return quickly to hybrid/regular learning which would mean sports could begin.
Below is some information from MSHSAA.

Total Remote Learning for Fall:  Schools that are not going to offer in-person classes this Fall will not be allowed to participate in sports and activities.  If a school deems that it is not safe to hold face to face instruction, then it is inappropriate to have students and coaches come together to participate in sports and activities.

Guidance and Recommendations for opening sports and activities this school year: If you click on the following link, MSHSAA Guidelines-Recommendations for Opening Sports and Activities.pdf, it will take you to the document put together by our Sports Medicine Advisory Committee and Covid-19 Task Force.  There are recommendations and guidance for dealing with COVID-19 and the document will be updated as needed as we go through the year.  Please understand that you still need to be in contact with your local/county health department and follow their local requirements.  Also, we are learning more about the virus and its impact on people that have a confirmed positive test.  One aspect coming to light is that it can impact the heart, and because of this and the 14-day quarantine, there will be a MSHSAA COVID Return To Play Form that MUST be used for any confirmed positive test prior to a student returning to participation.  This requirement is for the safety of the student to ensure they are prepared to return to participation.  Please review the 2020-21 MSHSAA Guidelines and Recommendations for Opening Sports and Activities closely in order to be informed and have the ability to develop appropriate protocols and procedures prior to the start of the ensuing sports seasons.