Our National Governing Body is the National Federation of State High School Associations known as NFHS.

They help regulate rules, safety, eligibility, records, officials on the national level to help guide us at the state level

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The National Federation consists of the fifty individual state high school athletic and/or activities associations and the association of the District of Columbia. These associations have united to secure the benefits of cooperative action which eliminate unnecessary duplication of effort and which increase efficiency through the pooling and coordinating of ideas of all who are engaged in the administration of high school athletic and activities programs.

The national organization had its beginning in a meeting at Chicago on May 14, 1920. L.W. Smith, secretary of the Illinois High School Athletic Association, issued invitations to neighboring states and state association representatives came from Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan and Wisconsin. The primary purpose of the meeting was to discuss problems which had resulted from high school contests which were organized by colleges and universities or by other clubs or promoters. In many cases, little attention was paid to the eligibility rules of the high school associations or to other school group regulations and chaotic conditions had developed. At this first meeting it was decided that the welfare of the high schools required a more active part in the control of such athletic activities be exercised by the high schools through the state associations, and this control necessitated the formation of a national organization. A Constitution and By-Laws were adopted and the group decided on the name “Midwest Federation of State High School Athletic Associations.” Principal George Edward Marshall, Davenport, Iowa, was elected president and Principal L.W. Smith of Joliet, Illinois, was elected secretary-treasurer.

In 1921, four states, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, and Wisconsin continued their interest and became charter members through formal ratification of the Constitution. Largely due to their efforts the national organization grew during the early years.

In 1922, the Chicago annual meeting was attended by representatives from 11 states, and the name of the National Federation of State High School Athletic Associations was adopted. A number of college and university representatives who attended the meeting expressed sympathy for and interest in the efforts to introduce a high degree of order in the regulation of interscholastic contests. (Missouri joined the National Federation in 1926.)

Since that time, the National Federation has had healthy growth to its present nationwide membership. By 1940, a national office with a full-time executive staff became necessary and such office was established in September of that year. The current Executive Director of the National Federation is Robert Gardner and the office is located in Indianapolis, Indiana.