Academic Support – 2.0 GPA

The goal of the Academic Support Program is to provide our student athletes with resources to help them achieve at a high level in the classroom.

Maintaining a minimum 2.0 GPA is required to participate in athletics and all MSHSAA sanctioned activities at RHS. At the end of each IPR, grades will be pulled, and any student athlete below a 2.0 will be assigned to Academic Support for the upcoming IPR.

IPR’s are 6 week progress checks that happen six (6) times throughout the year (see dates below).

In Summary:

  • First IPR report under 2.0 GPA, students will be placed in Academic Support. This is the identification period. 
  • Second consecutive IPR report under 2.0 GPA, students will be placed on Probation in Academic Support. Opportunity to get things right.
  • Third consecutive IPR report under 2.0 GPA, students will lose eligibility known as a “down” period where student will work to regain eligibility for the next IPR. 
  • Students that achieve at 2.0 GPA or higher will have their Academic Support reset and Eligibility reinstated.

Attendance will be reported and any issues will impact playing time and potentially eligibility.

Students are expected to be focused on their success and meet all team expectations even if they are in a “down” period.


Pertinent information for the program is below:

Class Days: Tuesday, Thursday

Class Times: 3:00PM-4:00PM

Tardiness: Each student is expected to be on time.  Coaches will be notified for chronic tardiness.

Absences: For in season athletes, unexcused absences will result in contest ineligibility.

Practices: Students will report to practice at the conclusion of Academic Support at 4:00PM

Contests: Students may attend afternoon contests provided that they have attended academic support.

Make-up Classes: Make-up classes are available at 7:00am but must be schedule in advance.

Updates: Families are encouraged to communicate with the Academic Support Staff and coaches.


The 2019-20 IPR Progress Report end dates are:

  • 9/20/19 IPR
  • 10/25/19 IPR
  • 11/22/19 IPR
    • 12/20/19 End of Semester
  • 1/31/20 IPR
  • 3/5/20 IPR
  • 4/17/20 IPR
    • 6/4/20 (or end of  the school year) End of Semester