Head Coaches,

Just a reminder that the end of the season will be here before we know it.
Please plan ahead and get awards into Rebecca ASAP.
As for your banquet date we need to effectively plan and communicate to parents and players via email and website.
Our minimum expectations of a traditional banquet is dinner, awards and slide show/highlight video.
(Remember your banquet script/speech is basically your end of season review to our department, look through your weekly newsletters as a reference) 
We have a ton of pics for you to use so doing a show with music should be easy for everyone.
If you have traditions keep doing what you are doing, just let me know and think about adding a little extra for our kids.
Andre’s will be $8/person + $25  fee for them to just deliver food.  It will be $10/person which includes one drink for full set-up and serving.  We would like them to be the vendor for on campus banquets unless you already have someone.
I am more that willing to help so just let me know if there is anything we can do.
Book your date/events at the beginning of the season so we can reserve your space.
Remember to involve your booster clubs/parents to help coordinate the event.