The mission of the Ritenour High School Athletic Department is to uphold the tradition of “Husky Pride” in which coaches, parents, school and community work together to support student-athletes.  Our goal is to create programs that provide a direct connection to the quality of our students’ educational experiences now and in the future.


We believe that the athletic program at Ritenour High School should complement the academic program.  Both involve students in a healthy learning and growth process which helps them to develop the skills to be lifelong learners.  These complementary programs provide experiences through which individuals can mature and learn to make thoughtful choices while considering the right and feelings of others.

We believe in providing a comprehensive and inclusive athletic program which includes opportunities through which to teach and learn life skills.  The Ritenour High School Athletic Program encourages participation and cooperation with others, a strong commitment to growth on the part of each participant, and performance which demonstrates good citizenship; all practiced in a spirit of healthy competition.


To create and instill an athletic program that shuts down its boarders to private schools and is highly regarded throughout the community, city and state.


Student-athletes will demonstrate compassion, responsibility and dedication to their team and teammates as they act with integrity, honor, and an understanding of their role in the school and community.  Spirit, loyalty, confidence, self-esteem and enjoyment of the sport are visible components of a positive experience.

Guiding Principals

  1. Encourage team cooperation as a means to reach our goal of healthy development.
  2. Emphasize to all that commitment and growth begins with practice.
  3. Diligently use of the resources available to our program.
  4. We shall encourage our entire community to join us in the effort to accomplish our mission.
  5. We shall seek to build a program which has a lasting impact on its participants.


To ensure the best experience that athletics can afford for personal growth.  In the business world you have clients, share holders and employees – in the athletic world you have players, coaches and fans.


To set the framework of success through passion, collaboration and communication while letting it be defined by the growth, success and experiences of all student athletes.


Athletic Promotion Plan within the School, District and Community


The mission of our High School is to increase revenue, attendance and support of our athletic programs.  We hope to accomplish this through enhancing the interest of students, alumni, staff and community.


Our plan is to create an aggressive campaign that will target our supporters within our school, district and community.  School and local media will be imperative in advertising our plan.


Our purpose is to produce well rounded student athletes that will have a positive impact on those around them.  We believe that the athletic program must complement our academic program; as both are essential in the development of our students as lifelong learners.

Target Markets:

  • In District: Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, High School, Parents
  • Community: Alumni, Prospective District Parents, Local Businesses

Within School Awareness:

  1. Athletics/Activities Schedules
  2. Seasonal Pep Rally’s
  3. Promotional Posters/Signs
  4. Athlete Dress Days
  5. Athlete of the month
  6. Team of the week
  7. Spirit Points for end of the year award (by grade)
  8. Captains Council
  9. School Newspaper
  10. Bring a Friend to Practice Day (Individual Sport Promotion)

District Wide Awareness:

  1. Halftime Competitions
  2. Elementary and Middle School Nights
  3. Athletes visit lower level schools
  4. Athlete Readings in Elementary Schools
  5. Advisory Committee (Parents & Staff)
  6. Athlete Mentor Program
  7. Involvement of lower level schools newsletter and announcements.
  8. Former Athlete Luncheons

Spreading the Community Word:

  1. Ritenour High School Athletic Website
  2. Suburban Journal, Patch, Post-Dispatch
  3. Digital Signage in/outside (Marquee)
  4. Bumper/Car Stickers
  5. Athlete Community Service
  6. Season schedule promotions at local businesses
  7. Coaching Clinics for youth coaches
  8. Youth Camps
  9. Speeches to civic organizations, booster clubs, alumni associations or media.
  10. Ritenour 101 Info Brochure
  11. New Homebuyer Flyer

Revenue Promotion:

  1. Hall of Fame
  2. Academic Luncheon
  3. Meet the Huskies BBQ
  4. Powder Puff Football Game
  5. Corporate Challenge
  6. Husky Lunch Team
  7. Husky Nation Tailgate
  8. Husky Nation Post Game

Revenue Generation:

  1. Program and Press Guide Advertisement
  2. VIP Parking
  3. Season Tickets
  4. Husky Nation Membership
  5. Game Hospitality (Reserved sections)
  6. Facility naming rights
  7. Special game and promotional recognition
  8. Golf Tournament
  9. Awards Luncheons and Banquets
  10. Luxury Fan Bus for Special Games

Direct Revenue Increases:

  1. Our hope is that through proper implementation of the processes previously discussed we will increase immediate revenue in the following:
  2. Ticket sales
  3. Program sales
  4. Concessions
  5. Spirit Wear
  6. Raffles (50/50)
  7. Individual Donations

The Future:

Our hope is that through proper implementation of the processes previously discussed we will increase immediate revenue in the following:

  1. Ticket sales
  2. Program sales
  3. Concessions
  4. Spirit Wear
  5. Raffles (50/50)
  6. Individual Donations


Developing a Comprehensive Program to Promote Athletics and Activities within the School, District, Community, & State

Promotions & Attracting New Members

Within School

Event Description Date(s)
Athletic Schedules For each season, have schedules printed on card stock.  This would include all sports for that season.  To defer some cost: print in-house, get local sponsors to put their names on it, able to get 3 schedules made from each sheet. Fall, Winter, Spring
Pep Rally At the beginning of each season hold 6th hour pep rally introducing captains of the teams.  Each rep can invite fans out to an upcoming game or promote sport. Beginning of each season – Fall, Winter, Spring
Promotional Posters/Signs Have posters and signs made of current athletes with some inspirational messages for the student body to see in halls. Different for each season.
Athlete Dress Days These days all athletes are encouraged to wear uniform to school. Once every sports season – Fall, Winter, Spring
Athlete/Team of the week. During the morning announcements, a certain individual or team can be recognized for an accomplishment from the previous week. Mondays
Spirit Points Student body can receive spirit points whenever attending a home contest.  The grade level that receives the most spirit points during a sports season is recognized. Fall, Winter, Spring


District Wide

Elementary and Middle School Nights Each sports season, the different programs will have at least one contest/game that is promoted as Elementary and or Middle School Night.  These students will get in free or another promotion will be run for their benefit. Each season, at least one per sport.
Athletes visit lower level schools Select group of athletes will visit Elementary and Middle Schools to promote programs during lunch hours.  Booths will be set up displaying uniforms, schedules, and game videos shown.  Some small giveaways will be handed out. Each season – Fall, Winter & Spring
Athlete Readings in Elementary Schools Select athletes from different programs will come to Elementary Schools to promote literacy and do classroom read with the kids. Fall & Spring
Camp Development and Promotion All programs will have a type of summer camp offered to Elementary and Middle School students.  These will be done during the same 2 week span occurring at the beginning of the summer or toward the end of summer.  The idea is to have these camps the same time year after year so that families can plan on kids attending them and consistency can be found.  Promotion will be in the form of flyer and announcements in the lower level schools. Summer
Athlete Mentor/Tutor Program High School athletes will set up times to spend time with at risk lower age students in the district to provide time for tutoring and/or mentoring. Year Round
Lower Level schools announcements and Newsletters Most all schools have daily announcements and newsletters that reach the kids on a daily basis.  Find out when you can use these outlets to promote programs and highlight seasons, games, or other upcoming events. Weekly
Former Athletes Working in District The district will have some former athletes working in the district whether it is at the coaching level or teaching.  Give them opportunities to speak to youth about their experiences and be able to do promotion of programs When Available



New Homebuyer Flyer When a family moves in the community, they usually receive a welcome packet that includes coupons or other promotions.  The athletic department will have their insert in there promoting program and school. Updated if necessary, 2x a year
Community Paper Use the community paper to consistently submit news and/or stories about programs. Weekly
Scrolling Signage in Front of School This allows the promotion of upcoming events and a way to recap successes we have had. Updated daily
Billboards/Public Displays Research the cost of a long term deal of nearby billboard or other similar public display promoting athletic department.  Sponsor space could be built in. Yearly
Store window signs Smaller signs that hang in store/business windows. Beginning of the year campaign. Follow up in winter.
Bumper Sticker/Car Window Displays These “stick on” items carry the school logo, season schedule, or publicize a theme or special event. They can be distributed as “giveaways” or sold as an additional profit making endeavor. Year Round
Athlete Community Volunteer Days AD will seek out a valuable service that is needed in the community that can be filled by athlete’s volunteer time.  A day will be set that our athletes will work and the promotion of our programs will be made by this act. Fall, Winter, Spring
Free giveaways or promotions at local businesses At the checkout line or reception desk of local businesses, place promotional items, schedules, or giveaways to promote programs. Year Round
Fan of the Year Award A loyal alumni, parent or community resident who has attended a large number of home and road contests or who has volunteered various services, contributions or products is recognized at halftime of the final home game. This individual may also be granted a season pass for the next season or school year. Spring
Season Outlook Speeches Speeches to civic organizations, booster clubs, alumni associations or news media representatives enhance the visibility of the athletic department or a specific sport. Highlight videos are particularly effective to feature returning skilled players and team strengths. Each Season
Promotions at Local Youth Sports Complex The High School athletics program needs to have some promotion at the local youth sports complex.  Flyers, posters or giveaways to encourage participation to youth when become high school age. Each Season