Early Release Thursdays ONLY – ATHLETIC Study Hall



Ritenour High School will have Early Release Thursdays on weeks in which school is held Monday-Friday.

This IN-SEASON Athletic Study Hall will take place in the RHS Cafeteria from 1:40pm-2:50pm.

This time after school is mandatory for in-season athletes, and the expectation is that they bring chromebooks to work on academics at every session.

Athletic Study Hall is during EARLY RELEASE ONLY.

Our goal as a athletic department is to “Raise the Bar” when it comes to performance in the classroom and on the field.


Husky Time – Opening Session


  • Welcome / Introduction
    • Intro to Athletics/Activities Department
    • Staff working with this program
  • What will this look like?
    • Attendance– Why? There will be no coming and going.
    • This time will be used to raise the expectations of athletes in the classroom and on the field.
    • It will be a mix of study hall sessions and presentations
      • NCAA Clearinghouse
      • MSHSAA Eligibility
      • Scholarship Opportunities
  • Expectations of Athletes
    • Extra-Curricular – Privilege – Not a Right!
    • We have the authority to revoke the privilege of participating if we feel like that you do not represent our school in a positive light.
    • ATTENDANCE IN SCHOOL – You must be in attendance to participate
      • Tardies will be tracked – Playing time will be lost or dismissal from team.
      • Truancies for class will result in missing the next contest
      • Missing class due to doctor appointments must be cleared by coach and AD 48 hours in advance.
    • Academics
      • Raising the bar on classroom responsibilities.
      • A 2.0 GPA is necessary to participate.
      • Core classes vs Electives
      • Zeros for assignments are the issue
      • 3.0 Credits passed per MSHSAA
  • Attitude
    • Respect throughout the day
      • Teachers & Staff / Coaches / Classmates & Teammates / Yourself
      • Social Media can be the best thing or worst thing you do.
        • This is your personal website – Make it positive
      • Representing the coaches / school / family / community