Every season (fall/winter/spring) the RHS Athletic Department will hold a Parent night to discuss eligibility, philosophy, polices, expectations…etc and also provide parents the opportunity to meet with their coaches in break out sessions.  These are important meeting as we discuss changes for the upcoming season and try and get everyone on the same page.  Please mark your calendar and hope to see you there! The agenda (below) includes a review of the Clayton High School Athletic Philosophy and MSHSAA eligibility in addition to breakout sessions with coaches.

A copy of the MSHSAA Eligibility Brochure can also be found below.

MSHSAA – 2018-19 Eligibility Standards Flyer


If you prefer to view this eligibility information in “article form” click here.


Orientation – Let’s get started!

Introductions – Drew, Lee, Becca


  • Get on the same page
  • Positive educational experience


  • Educational experience is our 1st Priority
  • Participation Policy – Only 3 unexcused Absences
  • Behavior in School/Sportsmanship
  • Communication
  • Winning at the Varsity Level – Is our goal – Not our Purpose

List of Sports

Boys’ Cross Country
Girls’ Cross Country
Girls’ Golf
Boys’ Soccer
Boys’ Swimming
Girls’ Tennis
Girls’ Volleyball

Coaches Intro

  • Introduce Seasonal Coaches and have them give an outlook on the upcoming season.

MSHSAA Eligibility Video

  • SLIDES 6, 7, 8, 14

Eligibility – 14 Days of Practice

  • Current Documents on File – MSHSAA Physical/Forms and Athletic Consent Packet

Academic Requirements

  • 3.0 Credits Passed and Enrolled in
  • 2.0 MINIMUM GPA – Husky Time

Absences – 7 excusable absences allow at RHS:

  1. Illness
  2. Family Illness
  3. Deaths
  4. Medical or Dental
  5. Religious Observance
  6. Prior approval from principal (ie. College Visit)
  7. Afternoon AP exam

Code of Conduct

  • Added Layer of Responsibility

MSHSAA Citizenship

  • If Law Enforcement is involved its out of our Hands
  • Not Eligible until all Court Rulings/Punishment Associated with the Case is Resolved


  • Communication is the Key
  • You can ONLY Sign your Child Out


  • Easier to Navigate, Enhanced Communication and Media
  • Purpose is to showcase student accomplishment

Parent Sportsmanship

  • Lead by Example and Represent RHS and our kids in a Positive Manner – OFFICIALS

Chain of Communication

  • Student to Coach → Parent/Student to Coach→ Parent/Student to AD → Principal

Program Survey – Feedback

  • Seasonal Surveys sent to all Parents and Players at the End of the Season

Where to Find Us?

  • At the Field House entrance across from the concession stand

Break-Out Session into Teams

  • Meet and Greet with Coaching Staff to discuss Program Expectations