Suburban Conference

In 2018, the St. Louis Suburban Public High School Athletic and Activities Association re-aligned their three conferences into various pools by sport.   For purposes of athletic competition pool assignments will be based on the following factors:  athletics offered, competitive balance, competitive trends, diversity, and school size.    Listed below are the Goals of the Association

The goals of the St. Louis Suburban Public High School Athletic and Activities Association are:

1) provide academic activities and athletics that support student understanding and application of the Missouri Learning Standards; and,

2) promote diversity, sportsmanship, Competitive balance, safety and skill development through appropriate competition.

The Suburban Athletics and Activities Association supports these goals by:

  • promoting activities and scheduling that encourage improved student academic achievement

  • encouraging student participation in academic extracurricular activities and athletics

  • designing Association activities, scheduling, and conference structures that promote interaction of students from diverse socioeconomic, ethnic and racial backgrounds

  • promoting responsible citizenship and sportsmanship at all events

  • promoting a safe event environment, accommodating the needs of participants and spectators

  • encouraging and supporting district/school efforts to engage all students in academic and athletic opportunities in their school and communit

  • recognizing individual and team accomplishments